Improved wheat growing in PakistanIbrahim Yahuza

Crops Research Unit, Department of Agriculture, The University of Reading, Reading RG6 6AR, Berkshire, United Kingdom

Key words: Wheat/faba bean intercrop, intercrop performance, land equivalent ratio, crop performance ratio, monetary advantage.


For wheat (Triticum aestivum L.) / faba bean (bean; Vicia faba L.) intercropping system, the analyses of intercrop benefits had hitherto been restricted to the land equivalent ratio (LER) despite the fact that the index has its disadvantages. In the research reported here, based on the LER, crop performance ratio (CPR) and monetary advantage (MA) indices, seed yield intercrop performance were assessed from results and values obtained after yields response to seed rate were quantified using meaningful equations. Based on the results, a maximum LER of 2.20 and a maximum CPR of 1.61 were found.

wheat-pakistan-2012In two experiments LER >1.0 but CPR <1.0 were obtained, indicating that the total intercrop (wheat + bean) were less efficient than the component sole crops. Estimates of intercrop benefits using the MA agreed with estimates based on the LER, probably because the former is a derivative of the latter. However, estimates of seed yield intercrop performance using fitted data did not consistently agree with estimates based on actual results. For the majority of the experiments, it was concluded that wheat/bean intercropping system is beneficial, and growers may wish to adopt the cropping system.

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Published By: International Journal of Biosciences (IJB)

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