lymphoma-56d980883df78c5ba025cccaNabeel Ahmad, Nitin Prakash Pandit, Sanjiv Kumar Maheshwari

School Of Biotechnology, I.F.T.M. University, Lodhipur Rajpoot Delhi Road Moradabad, Uttar Prades, India 244001

Key words: L-asparaginase, microbial sources, acute lymphoblastic lymphoma (ALL), therapeutic.


L-asparaginase is an enzyme that reduces the activity of L-asparaginase (an important nutrient for cancer cells) resulting in cancer/tumor cell starvation). L-asparaginase is relatively wide spread enzyme found in many plant tissue, bacteria, plant and in the serum of certain rodents, but not of man. It is used mainly for the induction of remission in acute lymphoblastic leukemia. Although there are therapeutic asparaginases present in the market, recent discoveries have indicated that the L-asparaginase from Erwinia carotovora (ErCAR) might be more efficient and also to exhibit fewer side effects. The need for new therapeutic enzymes is of great interest in both biotechnology and medicine. This paper is an attempt to comprise detailed information of the work on the L-asparaginase gene from different sources for the treatment of cancer cells.

Get the original articles in Source: Volume 2, Number 4, April 2012

Published By: International Journal of Biosciences (IJB)

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